Question and Answer in the Job Interview

IMG-20131030-013261. Tell Me Something about Yourself

Now, this is a golden classic used at the start of interviews to break the ice and to get you to give them a good initial run down of who you are and your “hidden” characteristics, demonstrated in the way you present this self-story.

You should prepare a 2 to 3 minute presentation that briefly introduces yourself (where you’re from), your personal interests (hobbies, community involvement etc), your work history, and recent career experience. The most time should be spent on the accomplishments in the last two areas.

Interviewers look out for three things:

If you are able to give a brief, sequential summary of your life and career that relates to the job for which you’re interviewing. Don’t ramble on aimlessly on irrelevant nitty gritty details though. If you find yourself at the 5 minute mark talking about your high school days, you are WAY off the mark!

Your conversational style, your confidence level, your ability to organize and present information.

An idea of the person you are behind the suit.

2. Why Do You Want To Join This Company?

OK, now they want to know your motivations for joining the company. And this is usually where they can read between the lines in your answer, so think carefully when answering.

First, do your research on the company, its culture and market. Not enough job seekers do enough or ANY of this which is a real no-no! Make sure you understand who you are being interviewed by.

Second, DON’T give answers such as “Oh, because it’s such a cool place to work!”, “I like your salary and benefits package,” or “My friends are already there and it makes it easier for us to hang out together.” OK, so maybe I exaggerate a little bit, but you should get the picture.

These answers seem “give-me” oriented and do not show the interviewer how your skills and experience deliver what the company needs.

Third, DO demonstrate to them how you can contribute to the company’s goals and how your skills and experience match their requirements. Use concrete examples as if you were already working there. For instance, when I interviewed with for the role of Editor, I drew up a list of things that would add value to the job seeker. Similarly, if research shows that the company is trying to be market leader, tell them how your experience/skills will be able to let you contribute to adding market share for the company.

3. Why Are You Looking For A New Job?

This may seem like a straightforward question to answer, but look again. It is very easy to slip up here if you are unprepared. Most people seek another job because they are unhappy /unsatisfied with their current employment. But relating ANYTHING in a negative light at an interview is bad form. Most interviewers don’t look so much for the reason you left, but they way you deliver your response. So, always be honest and positive.

Even if you got fired from your last job, try to keep it brief yet honest. If you start ranting on about how your ex boss/company was a terrible employer, they may be thinking “Is he still dealing with bitter or sad feelings, or has he been able to focus his energy on the future and the next position? Does she place total blame on others for her situation or does she accept at least some responsibility for it?” Further, most terminations happen because of an ill-fit between company and employee, not so much performance. So, try to take this angle.

If you left voluntarily, don’t dwell on the negative reasons for leaving, and focus on how you can contribute better to your new company/role.

Some examples of answers that would work are below. But again, don’t just memorize these answers and throw them out again without being really honest. Interviews never work if you approach them like textbook exams.

I wanted to move my career in a new direction. (Make sure you mention what this new direction is.)

My company was restructuring and I chose to seek better opportunities elsewhere.

I want to keep developing new skills but was unable to pursue this in my previous company. I decided to make a change to allow this to happen.

4. What Kind Of Position Are You Looking For?

Avoid vague answers such as “I want an exciting job” or “I want to grow my skills in this area.” It shows lack of focus and motivation for your career objective. Instead, focus on your desired position and how your skills and experience can help you be an asset within that position. For example, “I have a strong ability to communicate and market a product as proven in my 2 years experience as marketing officer at University/company A. I believe that I understand the consumer industry and can add value to your company’s marketing efforts.”

5. What Do You Consider Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

This is a time to be honest, but don’t go to extremes either way. You don’t want to start telling them that you are really terrible at organizing and can never be on time. Neither do you make yourself out to be the next best thing since sliced bread. Instead, be clear and concise about qualities that demonstrate you take responsibility for your work ethic, actions, and experiences learned (or failures) on the job, problem-solving ability, and values.

6. What Do You Know About Our Company?

This is where your research has come in handy. It is a way to demonstrate that you are serious about joining the company and was motivated enough to learn about it before the interview. Don’t respond by repeating each and every fact you learnt about the company, because it can seem arrogant and memorized. Do mention its major product, markets and latest development. Keep things positive. Also try to show your eagerness to learn more about the company by asking some questions to the interviewer him/herself.

7. What Do You Consider Your Greatest Achievements?

Try to mention about 2-3 achievements. This is a way for interviewers to gauge how you managed people/projects/yourself in a successful manner – which can translate into how you may be able to succeed in the company if they hire you. Try to choose a set of achievements that allow you to display a variety of strengths. I.e.  A successful event that you set up showing your organizational skills, successfully resolving a situation at work which demonstrates your problem solving skills and delivering an important report under difficult circumstances which shows your ability to handle pressure.

8. Where Do You See Yourself One / Five Years From Now?

Respond to reflect your confidence and drive to reach a level of work that will be rewarded for your success. State realistic expectations and propose a real plan of where you intend to go within the company. Never sound overly confident, fearful or confused.

9. What Type Of Job Assignments Did You Perform In Your Last Job?

Be honest and to the point answering this, even if the assignments performed don’t exactly match those required in the new position. However, also take the opportunity to mention any projects your volunteered for, special projects you took on outside your work scope or elected positions held in committees in other past jobs/university. The key point here is to try to tell them about experience gained in areas that might be relevant to your new position.

10. When You Start A New Job, How Do You Establish Good Relationships With Your New Colleagues and Supervisors?

It is important here to be enthusiastic and positive. Tell them how you worked well with your past colleagues or peers in projects etc. Networking skills is important so show how you used yours in your past to good stead.

So that wraps out the countdown! The bottomline is, be prepared, do your research, and understand the job you are being interviewed for and how your skills / personality / experience match the job’s requirements. Close the interview with any last questions, pass on your namecard if you have one, thank them for their time and give a firm handshake before smiling and saying good bye.

The first interview is just a lead into the second interview or offer to a job. Not everyone is suited for the job or the company. So don’t be discouraged if you were not offered a position right away. Keep your chin up and your cool, and don’t give up on yourself!

Besides, things could be a lot worse at interviews and you could be asked a question like the one used by Goldman Sachs in the USA, “There are eight balls, one of which is slightly heavier than the others. You have a two-armed scale, which you are allowed to use only twice. Which ball is heavier?” Now where is my physics textbook again…

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

  • My teacher of my high school was a real inspiration to me, and she is one of the major reasons I pursued a teaching career. Her ability to guide students, her fairness, and her sense of justice made me aspire to bring these things to my own classroom.
  • While I was student teaching, I had the opportunity to take a student aside to help him with a particularly difficult math concept that he was having trouble understanding. When I was able to show him a different way to approach the problem, and he ‘got it’, I knew that I had chosen the right field!

Smoking Effects for Adolescent Health

79rokokIn the modern era, many advertisements on mass media promote cigarette product. As a result, it can be influence an adolescent to trying to smoking. When they try to smoke, they can be affected by harmful substances that contains in the cigarette smoke.  In adult, smoking can cause lung cancer, impotence, disturbance of pregnancy and embryo, and heart attack. It wills same when adolescent smoking. The risks that occur in adolescent who smoke are riskier than in adults, because they still in growth period. As a consequence, smoking can bring bad impact for their growth. Smoking can cause physical problems and emotional disturbance for them.

One of the effects of smoking is lung cancer. For adolescent who still in growth period, the development of the lungs can be disrupted. If the lungs development has disrupted, so it can reduce the functions of the lungs. Because of the substances that enter in the lungs, it will make the lungs chockablock with the harmful materials. In a process of time, the harmful materials in the lungs will become cause of lung cancer.

The other effect of smoking is reducing their body health. If they are smoking, it causes difficult to maintain their body health. Because of their body always affected with free radicals from smoke. When they got illness, it makes slow their recovery period. The problem is related to their performance in the school. If they are doing some physical exercises, then they easier to fell exhausted. It is caused by cigarette smokes which influence the body immune system. Thus, they are susceptible to get diseases.

Furthermore, the other dangerous effect of smoking is addicted. Adolescent who smoking is tend to get addicted, because it is effect from nicotine. If they try to stop smoking, then they are felling depressed, insomnia, quick tempered, and negative mental attitude. Consequently, it has bad impact to their behavior.

In the other side, smoking can also accelerate aging process. They will have wrinkle on their skin. Besides that, it also makes their face have pimpled and other skin problems. As a result, they look older than their age.

In conclusion, smoking can cause cancer. Because it descent the immune system, so they look like insanitary condition. The main reason why those conditions happen because their body has contaminated by cigarette smoke that contains the harmful substances.

Cinta Pertama

Sudah dua tahun yang lalu, tapi bayangannya masih memenuhi pikiranku. Setiap orang yang aku temui slalu mengingatkanku akan dirinya. Keadaan ini sungguh sangat menyiksaku. Bahkan akhir-akhir ini aku semakin sering memimpikannya. Mungkin karena dia adalah cinta pertamaku.

Aku tak mengerti kenapa aku tak bisa menghapus bayangannya. Sesungguhnya sudah sejak lama aku ingin melupakannya. Melupakan kenangan indah saat aku masih bersamanya. Entah kenapa aku slalu gagal.

Ku langkahkan kaki mengelilingi sudut kota Manchester. Merasakan udara pantai yang begitu sejuk. Aku duduk di sebuah taman, sambil memandang kearah pantai menunggu sunset. Ku pandangi orang-orang di sekelilingku, mungkin berharap sosok yang ku rindukan ada di tempat itu. Seperti orang yang kehilangan arah, konyol! Setiap orang di tempat itu seakan–akan hampir mirip dengannya. Oh Tuhan, ini semua benar-benar membuatku gila.

Sebenarnya aku tak nyaman dengan keadaan ini, tapi aku tak tahu harus bagaimana. Ku kira dengan aku pindah ke sini aku akan dengan mudah melupakannya. Pemikiran yang terlalu naif memang, tapi sudah seharusnya begitu. Keadaan ini sangat menggangguku dan juga menyiksaku.

Ini semua sedikit membuatku putus asa. Mungkin akan ku biarkan saja seperti itu. Semakin aku mencoba semakin ku merasa tak mampu melakukannya. Terlalu seringnya aku memikirkan dia sampai-sampai dia slalu datang dalam tidurku. Bahkan akhir-akhir ini semakin sering dia hadir dalam mimpiku. Setelan aku tersadar dari lamunanku. Ternyata sudah hampir gelap, dan tanpa ku sadari aku telah melewatkan sunsetnya. Jadi, aku memutuskan untuk kembali saja ke rumah.

Setibanya di kamar, ku hempaskan tubuhku ke tempat tidur. Hari ini memang sungguh melelahkan. Mataku menerawang jauh ke langit-langit kamar dan aku baru ingat sudah seminggu terakhir aku tak membuka emailku. Sahabat-sahabatku di Indonesia biasanya mengirimkan email padaku. Benar saja, kotak masukku dipenuhi email dari mereka. Lalu aku buka satu per satu, dan betapa terkejutnya aku setelah membaca semua email itu. Mereka berkata bahwa Firman sudah tiada. Aku hanya terpaku melihat email itu. Aku masih tak percaya dengan kabar yang ku dapat. Sekarang aku baru mengetahui apa alasan Firman memutuskan hubungannya denganku dulu, ternyata karena dia sakit parah. Ya Tuhan, kenapa dia tidak jujur saja padaku. Mengapa aku harus tahu dengan cara seperti ini, saat dia sudah tak ada lagi di dunia ini. Aku menangis sejadi-jadinya. Aku sangat menyesal, karena aku tidak bisa berada di sisinya disaat-saat terakhirnya.

***The End***



Bendera Merah-Putih

Bendera Merah-Putih

Suasana sekolah masih nampak senggang. Kabut hitam di langit masih membentang. Tetesan embun pun masih terlihat di dedaunan kala itu. Kelembabannya begitu terasa. Sepasang mataku menelusuri di sepanjang koridor, namun hanya senyap yang ku lihat. Aku terus melangkah meski berat, seperti ada sesuatu yang membebani. Nuansa pagi yang senyap, itulah gambaran yang ku alami saat ini.

Masih terbersit dalam benakku, disaat suasana seperti ini. Perihal kemunculan sesosok laki-laki asing, bertubuh tinggi tegap dan mengenakan seragam tentara RI tempo dulu. Tiba-tiba menyeruak di tengah-tengah kerumunan pasukan paskibraka pada waktu upacara hari kemerdekaan RI berlangsung. Laki-laki itu menoleh ke arahku dengan tatapan matanya yang  dingin. Yang terasa membekukan ulu hatiku. Roman wajahnya yang seputih kapas itu nampak semakin memucat terkena terpaan semilir angin, kala langit berkabut saat itu. Membuat bulu kudukku meremang, hingga sekarangpun, aku masih merasa bergidik ngeri bila melihat bila teringat akan hal itu. Apalagi bila teringat akan tatapan mata laki-laki itu, terasa begitu janggal di mataku, dan aku sama sekali tak kuasa melepaskan pandanganku dari sorot matanya, tapi harus aku yang menyaksikannya? Dan kenapa harus aku pula yang mlihat kehadirannya? Bukankah aku ini tidak memiliki ilmu supranatural, lalu bagaimana mungkin aku bisa bertatapan dengannya? Pertanyaan pertanyaan yang kerap kali berputar-putar di benakku.

Aku kembali terkesiap, langkah ku tercekat seketika. Aku menengadah ke atas langit yang masih muram karena kabut hitam masih menyelubunginya. Dadaku terasa berguncang, dan tubuhku terasa menggigil. Sebuah letupan keras terdengar menggemakan telingaku. Seperti suara sebuah senapan, dan rintihan memilukan pun turut terdengar. Ku cari-cari asal suara itu, namun sia-sia tak tampak seorangpun yang bisa ku temui. Aneh, aku kembali bergidik. Ku seret langkah ini untuk bergegas pergi, menghilangkan ketakutan yang telah sejak tadi aku pendam. Namun sepertinya tak bisa. Aku merasa terbelenggu di gedung sekolah yang besar dan senyap ini, dan aku tak mampu menemukan jalan keluarnya. Aku mulai risau, peluh dingin mulai membasahi keningku. Ku edarkan pandanganku ke berbagai penjuru namun tetap saja hanya kehenyapan yang terasa, dan hembusan angin yang sedingin salju terus- menerus menusuk pori-pori kulitku.

Aku terus melangkah walau kian tertatih-tatih, tubuhku terus lunglai, namun keanehan kembali terjadi, sekelebat pasukan berseragam tentara kolonial Belanda lengkap dengan senjatanya, berlarian serentak menjajari langkahku. Aku terperanjat dibuatnya, dadaku kembali bergemuruh, tetapi mereka seolah-olah tidak melihat keberadaanku. Terakhir aku melihat sosok lain , sosok laki-laki bertubuh tinggi tegap yang pernah ku lihat sebelumnya. Laki-laki berwajah pasi dengan tatapan dinginnya, kini untuk yang kedua kalinya ku lihat. Ia berjalan begitu gontai, hingga akhirnya ia terpelanting jatuh dan terjerembab di atas rerumputan dimana saat pertama kali aku melihatnya. Ia terlihat menggejang kesakitan memegang perutnya yang bersimbah darah, berarti suara letupan tadi benar-benar suara letupan timah panas yang telah menembus tubuh laki-laki itu. Aku terpengaruh melihatnya dengan segenap keberanian yang ada aku menghampirinya. Raut wajahnya begitu sendu, tatapannya tak sedingin waktu itu, tatapan matanya begitu mengiba. Meskipun begitu, ia tetap memaksakan diri untuk tersenyum padaku, walau hanya senyuman getir. Perlahan ia mengeluarkan sesuatu dari balik seragamnya yang telah lusuh itu. Oh.. ternyata sebuah bendera pusaka.

“Tolong… jaga dan rawatlah bendera ini dengan sebaik-baiknya. Selamatkanlah bendera ini sebelum penjajah-penjajah itu merebutnya dari tangan kita.” ujarnya dengan terbata-bata, ku ulurkan tanganku untuk menerima bendera pusaka itu. Tanpa ku sadari bulir-bulir air bening jatuh dari kedua sudut mataku. Aku terharu dengan pengorbanannya untuk bangsa ini. Sesekali ku dengar rintihannya, merasakan betapa perihnya timah panas itu menembus tubuhnya hingga terkulai seperti ini.

“Cepaaaaat… lari…, selamatkanlah bendera itu!”

“Tidak… aku tak tega meninggalkan mu sendiri dalam keadaan seperti ini.” Tukasku sambil memandang iba padanya.

“Tak usah kau pedulikan aku, kemerdekaan bangsa ini jauh lebih berharga daripada nyawaku. Ayo cepatlah jangan sia-siakan waktu..!’ ujarnya dengan nada suara yang telah melemah. Aku bangkit, ku langkahkan kaki menjauhinya namun air mata ini masih terus berlinang, melihatnya untuk yang terakhir kalinya. Ia memejamkan kedua pelupuk matanya. Ku dekap erat-erat bendera merah putih ini, hingga suara dengan bahasa asing menggema membuatku terpaku dan mataku terbelalak hebat, melihat tentara Belanda menatap gusar ke arahku.

“Akhh… bagaimana mungkin aku menjadi salah satu tokoh patriotisme di era tempo dulu?”

Aku berlari dan terus berlari sekuat tenaga menyelamatkan sang merah putih dan anehnya lagi mereka tak bisa lagi memburuku. Tiba-tiba sepotong tangan kokoh menepuk-nepuk bahuku. Aku terlonjak kaget, napasku tersendat dan kepalaku terasa begitu pening. Lalu ku kedipkan sebelah mataku, aku merasakan telah kembali ke alam nyata. Setelah ku lalui peristiwa di alam maya yang melelahkan dan sulit diterima logika. Keadaan kembali berubah, aku kembali berada di tengah-tengah barisan teman-temanku dan barusan Andry menyadarkanku.

“Kau baik-baik saja kan, Anggraini..?” suara lembut cowok itu bergulir lembut di telingaku, nampak kecemasan tersirat di wajahnya.

Aku hanya mengangguk pelan. Aku terdiam dan masih tidak percaya, aku baru saja melewati sebuah lorong waktu sejarah. Mataku kembali menatap sosok laki-laki itu, yang mendadak sirna begitu saja dan anehnya bendera merah putih yang ia berikan itu masih ada di genggaman  tanganku.

Misteri Pencarian Pesawat MH370 Mulai Terkuak


Sumber foto:

21 Maret 2014., Pencarian pesawat Malaysia Airlines yang hilang pada 13 hari yang lalu dan melibatkan 26 negara, mulai menemukan titik terang. Perdana Menteri Australia, menyatakan bahwa tim pencari dari Australia melalui satelit menemukan dua objek yang diduga sebagai bagian pesawat MH370 milik Malaysia Airlines. Meski belum dapat dipastikan kebenarannya, Pemerintah Australia telah mengerahkan Angkatan Udaranya untuk memastikan keberadaan dua objek tersebut.

Lokasi dua objek tersebut berada di wilayah samudera hindia sebelah barat daya 2.260 KM dari Kota Perth, Australia. Ukuran objek tersebut cukup besar yaitu, 24 meter dan cukup beralasan untuk diduga sebagai pesawat MH370. Pencarian dua objek tersebut masih terkendala cuaca dan sulitnya medan. Publik kini tengah menunggu hasil dari penyelidikan tersebut. Keluarga korbanpun mengharapkan ada titik terang mengenai nasib dari keluarga mereka yang ada di pesawat MH370 tersebut.


 Hello, everybody…

Actually I’m so confused, how should I start to tell about myself. Because basically I don’t really like writing. Ok! Allow me to introduce myself. My complete name is Farica Farisiyah, you can call me Ica. I was born in Cirebon. But I live in Bandung. I have one sister and brother, I was the oldest. My sister name is Feby and my brother name is Micko.
I graduated from YPIB Pharmacy Vocational High School Cirebon, and now I am studying in University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta.
My hobbies are listen to the music, I really like music. I think music was be apart of me. My favorite singer is Anggun and favorite band is Linkin Park. I like cook, watch football match and others sport tv show, My favorite football club is Manchester United. I like explore a new place that I visit and I also like photography, because all that can make me happy and fresh.
I have pleasant personality. Sometimes I am shy if I meet new people, but I am very friendly. I also intelligent so I have a lot friends. sometimes I become annoying person and selfish. I like study hard and I smile a lot.
My future plans are very definite, I am going to improve my English and finish my study in University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. After that want to work as a Teacher and I also want to be an entrepreneur. And of course get married with my soul-mate. I wanna live happy forever with my husband and my children someday.
I think that’s enough introduction. Thank you very much for your attention and success always for all…


Positive Attitude Change Everything

attitude is everything

attitude is everything

I believe that the most important thing in our life is attitude. The first reason I say that is because a positive attitude can bring us happiness in our life. Positive attitude makes us to never waste our time for disadvantages things. In addition, it makes us become successful person. It also can make us believe in ourselves. Therefore, positive attitude can change the way you see the world and the way the world see you.

Positive attitude can bring us happiness in our life. When we have positive attitude more people want to be around us. We can forgive all who attempt to harm us. We do not hate anyone and do not hold grudges to others. Besides, you are happy when other people happy. As a result, we can feel the people loving us and we can enjoy our life.

Moreover, positive attitude make us never waste our time for disadvantages things. It makes us to use the time for grateful all that we get. We not waste our time to regret the error, but we focus to fix it. We focus to make a plan for improving ourselves. Therefore, we always use the time well.

According to John C. Maxwell (2002), “Our attitude is the primary force that will determine whether we succeed or fail.” It means that positive attitude can make us become a successful person. If we have a positive attitude, we can develop a spirit of optimist. Every time and everywhere we always do our best. We also can get more positive impact on our work, relationships to other people. Moreover, we are not worrying the things that are not important. Consequently, we always focus on the things that will make us success.

Furthermore, positive attitude makes us believe in ourselves. I believe when we have positive attitude we can get more confident. If we have more confident, we also can make our dream come true. However, anyone have strength and weakness, but we can look for the way to strengthen those who have less than we have. As a result, it makes us to always believe in ability that we have.

According to Mario Teguh (2010), “Positive attitude can change the way you see the world and the way the world see you.” It means that attitude make difference on our life. There are two choices, positive and negative attitude. It depends on our choice to choose positive side or negative side. If we choose negative attitude, I believe that not any changes on our life. We will become misbehavior. On the contrary, if we choose positive attitude, so we will get a good feedback. In my view, we need a positive attitude to change everything for make a better life. In other words, our positive attitude is like our window to change the world.