Positive Attitude Change Everything

attitude is everything

attitude is everything

I believe that the most important thing in our life is attitude. The first reason I say that is because a positive attitude can bring us happiness in our life. Positive attitude makes us to never waste our time for disadvantages things. In addition, it makes us become successful person. It also can make us believe in ourselves. Therefore, positive attitude can change the way you see the world and the way the world see you.

Positive attitude can bring us happiness in our life. When we have positive attitude more people want to be around us. We can forgive all who attempt to harm us. We do not hate anyone and do not hold grudges to others. Besides, you are happy when other people happy. As a result, we can feel the people loving us and we can enjoy our life.

Moreover, positive attitude make us never waste our time for disadvantages things. It makes us to use the time for grateful all that we get. We not waste our time to regret the error, but we focus to fix it. We focus to make a plan for improving ourselves. Therefore, we always use the time well.

According to John C. Maxwell (2002), “Our attitude is the primary force that will determine whether we succeed or fail.” It means that positive attitude can make us become a successful person. If we have a positive attitude, we can develop a spirit of optimist. Every time and everywhere we always do our best. We also can get more positive impact on our work, relationships to other people. Moreover, we are not worrying the things that are not important. Consequently, we always focus on the things that will make us success.

Furthermore, positive attitude makes us believe in ourselves. I believe when we have positive attitude we can get more confident. If we have more confident, we also can make our dream come true. However, anyone have strength and weakness, but we can look for the way to strengthen those who have less than we have. As a result, it makes us to always believe in ability that we have.

According to Mario Teguh (2010), “Positive attitude can change the way you see the world and the way the world see you.” It means that attitude make difference on our life. There are two choices, positive and negative attitude. It depends on our choice to choose positive side or negative side. If we choose negative attitude, I believe that not any changes on our life. We will become misbehavior. On the contrary, if we choose positive attitude, so we will get a good feedback. In my view, we need a positive attitude to change everything for make a better life. In other words, our positive attitude is like our window to change the world.


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