Smoking Effects for Adolescent Health

79rokokIn the modern era, many advertisements on mass media promote cigarette product. As a result, it can be influence an adolescent to trying to smoking. When they try to smoke, they can be affected by harmful substances that contains in the cigarette smoke.  In adult, smoking can cause lung cancer, impotence, disturbance of pregnancy and embryo, and heart attack. It wills same when adolescent smoking. The risks that occur in adolescent who smoke are riskier than in adults, because they still in growth period. As a consequence, smoking can bring bad impact for their growth. Smoking can cause physical problems and emotional disturbance for them.

One of the effects of smoking is lung cancer. For adolescent who still in growth period, the development of the lungs can be disrupted. If the lungs development has disrupted, so it can reduce the functions of the lungs. Because of the substances that enter in the lungs, it will make the lungs chockablock with the harmful materials. In a process of time, the harmful materials in the lungs will become cause of lung cancer.

The other effect of smoking is reducing their body health. If they are smoking, it causes difficult to maintain their body health. Because of their body always affected with free radicals from smoke. When they got illness, it makes slow their recovery period. The problem is related to their performance in the school. If they are doing some physical exercises, then they easier to fell exhausted. It is caused by cigarette smokes which influence the body immune system. Thus, they are susceptible to get diseases.

Furthermore, the other dangerous effect of smoking is addicted. Adolescent who smoking is tend to get addicted, because it is effect from nicotine. If they try to stop smoking, then they are felling depressed, insomnia, quick tempered, and negative mental attitude. Consequently, it has bad impact to their behavior.

In the other side, smoking can also accelerate aging process. They will have wrinkle on their skin. Besides that, it also makes their face have pimpled and other skin problems. As a result, they look older than their age.

In conclusion, smoking can cause cancer. Because it descent the immune system, so they look like insanitary condition. The main reason why those conditions happen because their body has contaminated by cigarette smoke that contains the harmful substances.


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